BREAKING NEWS becomes the online distributor for Lahaina Spice Company.

When Mark Givensel of Givensell Marketing Group started using spices from Lahiana Spice Company, he knew he had come across greatness.  He liked the gourmet Hawaiian spice and seasonings so much he created for the sole purpose of sell these great spices so others can enjoy this Hawaiian Flavor.

Mark met Chef Bonz while on a job and quickly learned about his gourmet Hawaiian spice and seasoning business, Lahaina Spice Company.   After trying a couple different flavors, he was instantly hooked, with the Kiawe spice being his favorite and Luau Pork Seasoning being his close second.  Pretty soon his collection of Lahaina Spice Company spices occupied a good portion of one the shelves in his refrigerator.

“I’ve tried many spices and seasonings before, but the spices from Lahaina Spice Company keep you coming back for more.” he says.  “The spice and seasoning can be used on just about anything and give your tasty recipes a boost of savory Hawaiian flavor.  Steak, chicken, sandwiches, soups and eggs are just a few things I use these amazing spices on.”

Being a online marketer at heart, he decided to build, a website to sell the Lahaina Spice Company’s spies and seasonings.  He spent some time with Chef Bonz learning more about each spice and listening to all the great stories about how he got into making spices and all the wonderful people who have enjoyed them.

“Finding a excellent product you truly believe in is the most important part of selling; work with excellence and success will follow.  The spice and seasonings from Lahiana Spice Company are just that and I am very proud to be able to offer them to others on”

To learn more about the amazing spice and seasonings from Lahaina Spice Company, visit and purchase a few bottles for your self and friends.




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