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How to create Bonsai treesWAILUKU, Hawaii - Feb. 18, 2016 - Maui Business News-- Maui, HI Bonsai Enthusiast and internet marketer Mark Givensel has launched a Bonsai website called  BonsaiMentor.com which is aimed at  people who want to learn about the art of Bonsai.  The website is made up of articles, videos and a Bonsai Blog that will teach a beginner the Basics of creating Bonsai trees.

Developer Mark Givensel, built  the website as a way of sharing his love for Bonsai.  "Creating and working with Bonsai trees has truly given me great satisfaction and is a hobby I hope to pass down to my kids.", he stated.  Mark wants his newly created website to help inspire a new generation of Bonsai enthusiast.

The art of Bonsai is Bonsai is a thousands year  old art from that originated in China and has now become an world-wide hobby thanks to the internet.  Bonsai trees are small, potted trees that are shaped and wired to replicate large trees seen in  nature.  Working with Bonsai trees can develop an appreciation for nature, patience, and discipline.

Mark Givensel lives in Maui, HI and has served on the Valley Isle Bonsai Club's Board of Directors and has given Bonsai presentations to groups and has also mentored students in the art of Bonsai.


To learn more about the art of Bonsai, visit BonsaiMentor.com.


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