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A crowd more than 125 staff, dignitaries and community partners gathered to celebrate the opening of MEO's new transportation facility in Puunene.  In 2007 Alexander and Baldwin donated five aces and MEO purchased another five acres of land at a discounted price. 
This journey took more than 30 years for MEO to find a permanent location for its operations.  CEO Lyn McNeff thanked those who helped make this dream a reality.  McNeff said, "Without the help of those who came before me, the community partners such as A&B, Stacy Otomo Engineering, Maui Architectural Group, Chris Hart and Partners and Goodfellow Bros., as well as the support of our state and county legislators, and our board and staff, this would not have been possible."  She continued to say, "Despite the many obstacles to getting this project completed, it was definitely  worth it when staff expressed their gratitude. 
One staff member had tears in her eyes, telling me that she had been waiting for this day for 26 years."  The next phase of the project includes building an onsite bus wash, installing an emergency generator and seeking proposals for an onsite fueling station as well as securing funding for maintenance facility. 
MEO currently leases space for its maintenance operations paying about $12,000 per month in rent.  McNeff said, "Securing funding to build a maintenance facility on the Puunene property would realize savings over a period of time. This savings could be used for additional services or the money could be used to fund other county priorities." 
For more information, contact Lyn McNeff at 249-2990

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