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KAHULUI, Maui January 9, 2014 – Read Lighting, Inc. recently announced the completion of a high-efficiency rooftop solar system, marking a significant step toward generating clean, renewable energy. The well-established lighting supply company contracted Ha‘ikū-based Rising Sun Solar to design and install the 103-kilowatt (kW) SunPower system that now powers its 12,000-square-foot showroom and warehouse in Kahului. The solar panels will also offset the cost of keeping a multitude of display lighting fixtures illuminated throughout the day. 


“Solar has been on our minds for a while—and we finally decided it was the right time,” said Read Lighting General Manager Erik Toler, who is no stranger to efficient lighting technology. “As a lighting supplier to local contractors, we’ve worked with Rising Sun Solar in the past; we are familiar with the quality of their work and the efficiency of their equipment.”


According to Rising Sun Solar co-owner Matias Bessaso, the system—which is comprised of 317 SunPower 327-watt panels with SunPower Fronius Inverters—represents the company’s increased focus on the commercial solar market. “We identified a large need in what we consider to be the commercial mid-market (systems ranging from 50 to 500kW). By doing so, we were able to earn many great projects like Read Lighting,” said Bessaso. “We know that Read Lighting could have chosen from a number of electrical contractors to build this project. We are very honored that such a reputable company has chosen us.”

The output from Read Lighting’s new system is expected to offset approximately 164,725kWh of electricity annually (enough to power 16 homes), while reducing energy costs by 97 percent. In addition to lowering the company’s monthly energy bills, the solar system will decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 456,280 tons of carbon dioxide each year, the equivalent of the amount captured by 88 acres of trees.


“I encourage other owners of commercial buildings on Maui to go solar, simply because it makes both economic and environmental sense,” said Jim Read, owner and founder of Read Lighting. “We should all take advantage of this opportunity—and quickly, before it disappears.”


About Read Lighting

Established in 1982, Read Lighting, Inc. is Maui’s first commercial and retail lighting supply company of its kind. The company’s mission is to be the preferred provider of commercial and residential lighting solutions, while delivering friendly customer service with unmatched lighting industry knowledge. Read Lighting is centrally located at 335 East Wakea Avenue in Kahului. To learn more, visit www.gotoreadlighting.com or call (808) 871-8995.

About Rising Sun Solar

Rising Sun Solar is an award-winning, Maui-based solar electric company dedicated to improving the health of the environment by bringing clean and affordable renewable energy technology to homes and businesses. To learn more, visit www.risingsunsolar.com or call (808) 575-2202.


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