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Lightning Sparks New Business Name

Kula resident Karen Worthington has launched Lightning Bolt Writing, a freelance writing company created to help businesses communicate more effectively in writing. Lightning Bolt Writing is an expansion of the part-time web content, SEO, blogging and business writing that Worthington has been doing for years. Most of her clients are on the mainland and Worthington is hoping the expansion will allow her to work with more businesses on Maui and throughout Hawaii.


Although Worthington earned a BA in creative writing and edited her college newspaper, her writing career took a long detour. After college she attended law school and spent 19 years using her writing skills to improve the lives of disadvantaged children as a policy analyst, educator, author, child law and policy center director, nonprofit leader, legislative advocate and children's law expert.


During those years, words were her primary tool. She said, "I spent 19 years convincing leaders to make the right decisions. In both social justice and business environments, the right words inspire action, increase understanding and lead to desired outcomes."


With Lightning Bolt Writing, Worthington hopes to meet the written communication needs of local businesses, whether they need web content, white papers, commercial copywriting, customer success stories, annual reports, articles or editing and proofreading services.  Randy Echito, Retired Executive Director, Friends of the Children's Justice Center of Maui, said "Karen Worthington is a lifesaver. Her submissions for our newsletter were so good that I cut other articles to use all of hers. I used her services several times after that newsletter, and she performed with amazing results." He continued, "She helped us write a successful and relevant brochure that will be used for years to come."

Lightning Bolt Writing is an internet-based business. The web site, www.lightningboltwriting.com and the LinkedIn company page, http://www.linkedin.com/company/lightning-bolt-writing, host videos and graphics explaining the services offered, contain a portfolio of writing samples, and include recommendations from current and former clients.


Even with her writing business, Worthington has no plans to leave the child advocacy world. Her volunteer plate is full with her roles as president of the Board of Imua Family Services, member of the Maui Hanai Coalition and the Maui Ho'oikaika Partnership, and secretary of Kula School PTA. She blends these roles with that of wife to Mark Crowe and mother to two Kula Elementary School students.


As for the name, Lightning Bolt Writing, Worthington crowdsourced the naming of her business, asking over 40 friends and colleagues to provide feedback on a short list of names. Among the feedback was a write-in vote from friend and fellow Maui businesswoman, Terri Erwin, owner of Perfection Bra Fitting. Terri told Karen about the Mark Twain quote, "The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning," and suggested that Lightning Bolt would be the perfect name for a writing company. That bolt from the blue named a business.   


If you would like more information about Lightning Bolt Writing, contact Karen Worthington at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 808-214-9336.




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