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Maui Business News
Promoting Maui businesses and non-profits Online

Over the past 2 years, Maui Business News has developed into a successful website promoting Maui businesses and non-profits of all kinds.

As our site progresses, we continue to look for feature articles and events about Maui businesses and non-profits just like the ones many of us visit, work and volunteer for each day.

We invite you to promote your Maui business or non-profit through Maui Business News.  Please submit your business or non-profit press release or  your event on our Maui Business Events section.  All submissions are free and will help promote your Maui Business or non-profit.

For anyone wishing to assist in our efforts in promoting Maui businesses and not-profits, please visit “Be Part of MBN” information page.


Mark Givensel
MBN Development 


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