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Q. What is Maui Business News?
A. Maui Business News is an independent, locally owned online collection of news, events and information relating to small businesses and non-profits on the island of Maui. 

Q. Is Maui Business News owned or operated by a print based new agency or non-profit organization?
A. No, Maui Business News is owned and operated by Givensell Marketing Group.

Q. Who can submit articles to Maui Business News and how is it submitted?
A. Any business or non-profit that operates in Maui County can submit news to our site.  To submit news follow the links under the “Submit” menu on the Home page.

Q. Does it cost money to submit a press release to Maui Business News?
A. No there is not a charge to submit a press release.

Q. How can I advertise on MauiBusinessNews.com
A.  There are a number of different ways to advertise on our site.  For more information on advertising on our site contact us.


Q. How can I help Maui Business News in it's effort to promote Maui businesses and non-profit organizations?
A. There are many ways to help our efforts.  Check out our "Be a Part of MBN" for details.


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Maui Business News
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